[Samba] Re: tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD - fixed

Margaret Doll Margaret_Doll at Brown.edu
Tue Jun 11 12:38:03 GMT 2002

Thank you.   Thank you, Michael.

	I saved smb.con, smbpasswd, and smbusers.
	I stopped smb.
	I deleted the three samba packages from the system.
	I  re-installed the three samba packages (2nd cd of the set)
	I moved my configuration files back in /etc/samba
	I started smb  and everything works.

>On 2002-06-11, Margaret Doll wrote:
>MD> > Do you have a file unexpected.tdb in /var/cache/samba?
>MD> Yes, in both systems owned by root, -rw-r--r-- protected.  I remembering
>MD> that I had to create this directory to get smb started on the system that
>MD> is not working completely.
>Something is wrong there. /var/cache/samba is owned by the samba
>package and should have been there initially.
>MD> Is this about a fresh install of Valhalla or an upgrade?
>MD> The system that is working is an upgrade. The system that is not working
>MD> completely is a fresh install.
>This was my assumption based on what I've been told earlier. Upgraded
>system works fine, installation from scratch causes problems.
>I haven't had the chance to look at such a problem myself. One fix
>(from an impatient user's perspective) was to re-install 7.3 from
>scratch, which is something I would not recommend.
>Have you tried erasing all samba packages and installing them from
>scratch and copying your smb.conf? I would try that.
>MD> > What is logged in /var/log/samba?
>MD> log.nmb    is not present on the server that is not completely working.
>And as you've mentioned, "nmblookup -B $BROADCAST_ADDR server" does
>not work. Same symptoms other users have had, too.
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