[Samba] tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD

Margaret Doll Margaret_Doll at Brown.edu
Tue Jun 11 10:41:01 GMT 2002

I am still struggling to get one of my samba servers to work with the 
new security on RH 7.3.  Any help is appreciated.

The "not fully working computer" serves as a print server for the 
Window computers.  You can log into it, but you cannot see it from 
the Network Neighborhood.  On some versions of Windows you cannot 
find it through the "Find Computers" programs.

The system with a clean install from RH cds is having network 
problems; the system which I upgraded from RH cds is fine.  Both have 
been upgraded to kernel-2.4.18-4.  I have stopped the ipchains 
services on the cleanly installed computer.  The samba configuration 
file and passwd were restored from backups onto the new system.

/sbin/ipchains-save on the upgraded computer says

	"'/proc/net/ip_fwchains' does not exist.
	(Does this kernel support IP firewall Chains?"

The cleanly installed computer has three empty files in /proc/net 
which are missing in the updated version; namely, ip_fwnames, 
ip_fwchains, ip_masquerade.

	In the following lists, I am just enumerating the differences 
in the output.

	not fully working computer		fully working computer

nmap	53 domain (this is a nameserver)
	80 httpd	(this is a web server)
					616 unknown
					617 unknown
					845 unknown
	865 unknown
					901 samba-swat
					1025 listen

lsmod	binfmt_misc			sg
	ipchains				loop
	cs4243				vfat
	ad1848				nls_iso8859-1
	uart401				nls_cp437
	sound				msdos

smbclient -L server  (with return when requested for passwd - running 
as root - root does
	not have smbpassword

	Anonymous login successful		Anonymous login successful
	Domain [Chemistry] OS=[Unix] ..	Domain [Geology] OS=[Unix]..
	tree connect failed:
	   NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD	list of all the shares, 
servers, and work

smbclient -L server -U user1%passwd      for the "not fully working 
computer" gives the list of shares, servers, and work groups.

	Thank you.

					Margaret Doll  (401-863-1982)
					margaret_doll at brown.edu
					(401) 745-7306 (beeper)
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