[Samba] Tuning SaMBa in HP/UX 10.20 (200 Users)...

Info - Demerson demerson at zaffari.com.br
Tue Jun 11 07:14:01 GMT 2002

Hullo All,
I'm planning to build a SaMBa Server in HP/UX 10.20,
just for sharing some
stuff to at least 200 users.
Well, I have SaMBa running in HP/UX machines and
according to top, each
SaMBa process (smbd) takes about 2,1Mb of total
I wonder if there's some clue to reduce the amount
of memory per smbd...
Anybody knows that?

Thanks in advance...

Demerson Zounar
Analista de Suporte
demerson at zaffari.com.br

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