[Samba] [Fwd: ldap + pdc + adding win2k clients...again(sigh)...argh]

IOhannes zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jun 11 06:55:05 GMT 2002

thanks for the help i got off-list.
(ja axel, deutsch wär ok gewesen)

it turned out, that my main problem had nothing to with the 
machine-accounts but rather with win-clients not be willing to connect 
to my domain most of the time (which made debugging extremely hard sice 
it worked all the time when i expected it not to)
it seems, like NT-domains should be either longer than 3 chars or have 
not the same name as a unix-host.

on the other way, machine-accounts were hard to create for me too (which 
  made debugging even worse):
my solution for this (w2k-clients) turned out to be:
1.) create an ldap-entry for the host$ with the objectClass 
"posixAccount" (i use "ipHost" too), but *not* with the objectClass 
"sambaAccount" (this turned out to be important)
2.) add the machine-account from w2k with root/passwd. the sambaAccount 
is automatically added to the ldap-entry for the host

it also works, when an entry for host$ exists in the /etc/passwd. but 
then the beauty of ldap'ing is lost partly and additionally, the 
sambaAccount for the host will be automatically created in the root of 
the ldap-directory, which is very ugly. i didn't want to move all the 
created sambaAccounts to my computers-subdirectoy, so i prefer the basic 


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