[Samba] smbpasswd

dibi at email.cz dibi at email.cz
Tue Jun 11 04:12:01 GMT 2002

   I want to start to use encryption passwd (now I use plain password). But I have 200 users in /etc/passwd at my server and I do not want to change passwd for every user. Is there any way to create file /etc/smbpasswd from file /etc/passwd except the users have to change their smbpasswd by theirself. If not, most of my users logon to the server only over samba or they only mount disk over samba server. How can I change their smbpasswd when they can not use another way to connect at my server only over samba protokol? Exist any samba client for platform Windows to remote connect to Samba server? Can you advice me best way to create file /etc/smbpasswd? 

Thanks. Dibi 

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