[Samba] XP problems after updating

Carlos Pinheiro cgalvaojr at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 10 20:32:02 GMT 2002


Here it goes the description:

1. Using Samba 2.2.3a
2. The client is XP
3. Used the .reg file "SignorSeal=0"
4. Started the Net Logon service
5. I joined the domain with success
6. Restarted XP and logged in, also with success, mapping everything...

Here is the deal:
7. Updated XP (critical only)
8. XP stops working fine. I looked at the events. There was a problem with 
COM+ and DCOM related services that couldn't start.

I also did the opposite path: Updated XP (works fine) and than join the 
domain. We get the same behavior.

If i stop the Logon service, it works just fine (except the logon part of 

Besides the usual scream for help for a "how-to", i'd like to understand: Is 
there something that XP requires to work an a domain enviroment(after 
update) that only a 2000Server can supply?

I'll track the updates and see what they do exactly.

Thanks in advance,

Carlos Galvão Pinheiro Jr., MsC
Electrical Engineer

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