[Samba] samba2.2.4 : "inherit acl" in smb.conf ?

John Niu niu at mountainviewdata.com
Mon Jun 10 19:08:02 GMT 2002

Hi samba guys,

I'm useing samba 2.2.3a (XFS/Linux W2k), and I found inconsisten 
behavior responsed to default ACL.
The test is:
1> Create a direcotry named "share" from linux local.
2> Add default ACL to "share".
3> Touch new file "flinux"/make new directory "dlinux" under "share" 
from linux local.
4> Create new file "fwin"/make new directory "dwin" under "share" from 
client (W2k).
5> Check the ACL of "flinux"/"fwin" and "dlinux"/"dwin", they are different.
It seems that "fwin" "dwin" follow the "force create mask/create mode" 
in smb.conf. Is it a BUG?

I noticed that In the release notes of 2.2.4, you said that there would 
be a new parameter named
"inherit acl" in smb.conf.  If it's added for default ACL?

Thanks a lot.


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