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George Abbe. coolshine505 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 17:22:06 GMT 2002


I am made to contact you as a matter of urgency. I am
Mr.George Abbe 28yrs old,son of Phllip Abbe a former
senior accountant with the ministry of finance in the
Democratic Republic Of Congo (D.R.C.). My father was 
also a confidant and strong ally of the Late President
Laurent Kabila who died in  January 2000.

During his regime (Kabila), My father was given the
responsibility of transferring funds for President
Kabila accrued from the sale of diamonds of which my
country is richly endowed with. 

These transfers were made in secret and were paid into
Kabila`s private accounts in Belgium, Switzerland and

My Father's reward for this  operation was that he
would be made a minister of finance in the next
cabinet reshuffle, but this dream has been far
forgotten since the emergence of his son, Joseph
Kabila as the new President of the Democratic Republic
Of  Congo.Rather he has detained my father and some
other close confidants of Late President
Kabila,claiming that they oppose his government.Based
on his misrule of the people of Democratic Republic of

My father has just informed me some weeks ago while in
detention that before Kabila's death, He was given
$34m (thirty four million USD), to transfer to his
different accounts.
This sum is still with him in a safe place and
intact.He has also disclosed the location of the money
to me,and advised me to seek the assistance of a
foreigner to enable me move the money out of D.R
Congo.Because we do not know if he would come out of
this alive based on the maltreatment given to him in
detention. I need your assistance to help me claim and
safeguard this money in cash in a designated country
outside the Democratic Republic Of Congo, of which I
shall disclose to you as soon as you notify me of your
willingness to help.
Please bear in mind that I am being vague for security
reasons on this matter at this stage.

For your assistance, We are willing to give you 20% of
the total sum, while 5% shall be set aside for
contingencies. I have also fashioned out modalities
for the success of this operation.
Please note that my family and many others have been
placed on surveillance and interrogation by the
present Government to find out any possible connection
of any opposition to te government , based  on this, I
cannot leave the country now. I therefore rely on your
total assistance, I also advice that you maintain
absolute secrecy as regards this operation.

Expecting your response

Best regards,

George Abbe.

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