[Samba] Some notes...(and a compliment for Samba people)

WEBSTER, Greg GWEBSTER at ahbl.ca
Mon Jun 10 13:57:02 GMT 2002

On friday I was having a heck of a time using Samba...especially in regard
to CUPS and printing. I posted on the list some big questions about my setup
and what could be done with it, and was a little disheartened not to get an
Later that day, completely out of the blue, I received a long-distance call
from John H. Terpstra, one of the Samba lead people. He must have tracked
down my company name and phone number from my email address. We ended up
talking for about an hour about my setup (Linux, no local users, winbindd,
Samba, CUPS), etc.
I don't have it -quite- working yet, possibly due to something that will be
fixed in 2.2.5, but I do want to express my appreciation for that phone call
and the free help that John gave. Following are some notes that I made in
that conversation...some are only really applicable to me, but perhaps some
of them will be helpful to others. Excuse the fact that they are not a clear
step-by-step guide to solving a particular problem, but there was not a
single particular problem that I had.
- obey pam restrictions = yes
- need to read man pages on "password level = 8" and "username level = 8" to
see if it fits to implement (it doesn't really in this case)
- an immediate fix -might- be 'nt spoolss = no' but point and click printer
support will not work, hence you can't use 'Add Printer'
- kernel should be upgraded to 2.4.18 & remove socket options entry in
smb.conf (one or the other, not really necessary)
- ADD: large readwrite = yes
- ADD: name resolve order = wins bcast host (we use wins for name
- CHANGE: password server = *
- ADD: utmp = yes (then the 'w' and 'who' commands in a terminal will show
samba connections properly...very useful when building some future tools)
- REMOVE: lock dir = ... (unnecessary)
- REMOVE: guest account = ftp (might have been causing problems with
- ADD: acl support = no (not sure where I got this from. 'testparm' down't
like it)
- ADD: hide unreadable = yes
- CHANGE: under [printers] path = /var/spool/samba (this directory should be
owned by root, perm. 775, sticky bit set - this was a problem for me)
- CHANGE: under [printers] guest ok = yes (important!)
- /etc/samba/drivers/* to 777 (important!)
- directories under /etc/samba/drivers/ should replicate
c:\winnt\systems32\spool\driver\* as far as directory structure (a light
flicked on here...why doesn't the documentation say this clearly?)
- AD should be in mixed mode (we were anyway...mixed mode means support for
pre-win2k machines, but may do other things)
Once again, thanks to John for an excellent, helpful call.

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