[Samba] Question about username maps in Samba

Don Koch koch at cognex.com
Mon Jun 10 13:38:03 GMT 2002

Pearce.Statts at gefanuc.com said:
> I work within a multi-Unix environment.  We've got HP-UX, Solaris,
> Linux, and Tru64 (!) here.  Because of this, some of our users have
> multiple logins, so that they can have multiple user environments for
> the product development scripts that they run.  One of our Sun boxes
> serves as our Samba fileserver.  One of our users is having trouble
> because he has two Unix logins, and Samba is only allowing access to
> directories that belong to one. I tried setting the username map to
> include aliases for both of his Unix accounts, but this was not
> successful in solving the problem.  Basically, rather than mapping one
> Unix account to one or more NT accounts, I need the username map to be
> able to map one NT account to two Unix accounts, which is sort of the
> reverse of how the option currently works within Samba. 

This sounds more like a "NFS between two machines with a user with 2 UIDs".
Samba can't solve this.  Change his UID on the Unix machines to match.

The only way to get samba to "fix" your problem is to run a copy on each
group of systems where he has a unique user ID.

If I've misinterpreted the problem, let me know.

Don Koch
koch at cognex.com
Not speaking for Cognex Corporation.

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