[Samba] smbmount filename case forcing

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Mon Jun 10 11:49:04 GMT 2002

On 10 Jun 2002, Neil Prockter wrote:

> Hello
> I have a problem mounting a win2k share onto linux
> I want to mount the share so that all filenames are in lowercase (or
> uppercase) only

Support for this has been dropped. There used to be code in smbfs that 
mapped A-Z|a-z but smbmount didn't set any such flags.

You can make it case-insensitive by passing the (undocumented?) mount
option "case". How well that works I don't know but you could try it.

If that fails you could look in fs/smbfs/proc.c in the kernel source.
The old str_lower and str_upper functions are still there but they are no
longer called. If you always want lowercase you could enable the str_lower
call in the smb_decode_*_dirent functions.


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