[Samba] Printing with Samba

Alex Meaden aejm1 at meaden.dyndns.org
Mon Jun 10 11:48:02 GMT 2002

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, David Busby wrote:

> Dear List,
> 	I've got an printer setup that I need some help with.  I've got an
> NT 4 workstataion that has a printer attached to it (\\nt4ws\print) this
> machine only allows 10 users to connect.  I have more than 10 users that
> need to print to that machine.  So I thought "I'll just pipe everyone
> through Samba".  I can create a printer share on Samba but I cannot get
> files sent to the Samba print share (\\initium\print) to pipe over to
> \\nt4ws.  If someone has experience with this or can provide some insight
> that would be goovy.  My Samba computer is Red Hat 7.2  My Printer is an HP
> LaserJet 4000, my users that need to print are running NT4/W2K workstations.
> Thanks in advance.


You need to install the printer on the system running Samba, using a
generic (not LaserJet) driver. This should then be shared using Samba. I
had the same thing working a few months back with a printer on a Win2k Pro
box, shared by Samba on a Linux box. You should be aware that this could
cause network congestion if large print jobs are sent often. What printer
management software do you have on the Samba system? If you have CUPS it
is very easy to get this working.

Hope this helps,


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