[Samba] Re: Clean install of RedHat 7.3, including samba - unable to connect to port 139

Margaret Doll Margaret_Doll at Brown.edu
Mon Jun 10 10:20:03 GMT 2002

Part of the problem was resolved by

service ipchains stop

I can connect on port 139 now, but I need an account and

smbclient -L host-having-problems -U user1%passwd

smbclient -L host-having-problems
added interface ...
added interface ..
Anonymous login successful
Domain=[CHEMISTRY] OS=[UNIX} Server=[Samba 2.2.3a]
tree connect failed; NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD

Clients can access printer on the server, but they can't see
the server in the network neighborhood.  Some versions
of windows can find the server using the "Find Computer"
command some cannot.  Even when the client cannot
find the computer, I can create a printer for the client
which uses the print queue on the server by specifically
adding the path


I feel I still have a security problem.

socklist shows

	tcp 139 being used numerous times by smbd
	tcp 137 being used numerous times by nmbd
	udp various port numbers are being used by smbd and nmbd

>On 2002-06-09, Margaret Doll wrote:
>MD> If I do the same test from another RedHat samba server
>MD> "smbclient -L host-having-problems"
>MD> adds the interfaces
>MD> error connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:139 (Connection refused)
>MD> error connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (Connection refused)
>MD> I took the moderate security option when I did the clean install of
>MD> the system.
>Well, does the "moderate security" option allow incoming traffic to
>ports 137-139? If so, verify whether Samba is listening on ports 137
>to 139. Easy to use is "socklist" (from the procinfo rpm). If the
>firewall blocks ports 137-139, you need to configure it to allow
>access to the NETBIOS ports.
>And of course, you have verified your Samba setup on localhost?
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