[Samba] [Fwd: ldap + pdc + adding win2k clients...again(sigh)...argh]

IOhannes zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Jun 10 07:18:03 GMT 2002

Samuel GAUTIER wrote:
> For joining w2k stations the computer accout need to exist into your
> /etc/passwd file (and in your "Computers" container) and the "root" user
> need to exist into your LDAP directory as in your /etc/passwd. And you
> must use this account for joining the domain.
> computer account :
> station1$:x:3003:100:station1:/dev/null:/bin/false
> I hope it can help you !!
> see you !!
> sam

ah thanks for answering.
i still do not really get it:
1.) machine account:
i do authentificate both linux and windows users via my ldap-server (eg: 
posixAccount and sambaAccount).
do i really (???) have to have an entry in my /etc/passwd-file for the 
machine-account ??
is it not enough to have a posixAccount in the LDAP-directory for the 
machine ???

2.) root-account:
with the advent of my ldap-directory, root-accounts came out everywhere.
i never know which one is meant:
anyhow, i guess a root account is ok, if i can (linux) log into the 
machine using this account+password and after typing "whoami" i get 
"root". is this right ?

i stress it again: no matter which user i give for joining the 
w2k-client, i will always get a "user unknown"(meaning the 
machine-account) error, as long as i provide a valid user/password-set 
(else i get a "wrong password or username" which is ok)

now i have discovered something else:
trying to join an nt4-client seems to work.
i then have to reboot the nt-machine (of course).
when i try to login as a net-user, i get approx (it is in german, and i 
do not have access to the nt-machine right now) this error-message:
"no machine-account or password for the machine-account is wrong"

what does this want to express ?
is the MACHINE.SID (of the samba) wrong ?

by the way, this message is thrown extremely(!) fast, and there does not 
seem to be a call on the ldap-server (at least the syslog does say nothing)


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