[Samba] oplock break

Tim Bates batestim at iprimus.com.au
Mon Jun 10 05:30:09 GMT 2002

Here's more info for your diagnosing pleasure (and my frustration).

I discovered that I had about 20 copies of smbd running. As daemons.

Restarting Windows fixed the "access denied" errors. Or maybe it was 
killing all the smbd's and starting just one. I did both at the same time, 
you see.

With only one smbd running, I'm no longer getting oplock errors. There were 
a few like this:

[2002/06/10 21:37:47, 0] smbd/oplock.c:process_local_message(356)
   process_local_message: Received unsolicited break reply - dumping info.

some time ago but they're not happening any more. It seems that having all 
those smbd's running was the source of the oplock problem, but what caused 
them all to start is beyond me. It's running as a daemon, not through inetd.

I'm not actually having any more problems now, but if someone can suggest 
what caused all those smbd's to open, I'd like to try and prevent it 
happening again.

More proof that posting a problem publicly is the best way to fix it, or in 
my case make it go away.

                                 Tim Bates

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