[Samba] Very strange problem with profiles

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Mon Jun 10 04:47:03 GMT 2002


I have just had a client of ours encounter an extremely weird problem with
roaming profiles. Wheather or not it's samba related I do not know, but I
believe it could be.

The problem is that the person in question is MOVING files from one
location to another inside "My Documents" while logged in using a
domain account WHILE DISCONNECTED from the network. He also changes a few
files and moves an icon around on the desktop.

Later, when booting the computer CONNECTED to the network and logging in,
the icon is still in its new location, changes to existing files are still
there (indicating that Windows has indeed identified the local copy of the
user's profile as the authorative up-to-date one). BUT, Files that have
been MOVED have been magically replaced to their original location!

I have verified this multiple times personally. Moving file X from A
to B is magically undone. If I move X and Y from A to B, and then
modify Y in B, Y will stay in B after logging in in a connected state,
but X has been replaced in A. 

What's going on? I was under the impression that Windows either used the
local copy OR synchronized with the server to use it's copy. How is it
possible that *some* changes are reverted but not others? Has anyone
encountered such a thing before?

I'm completely perplexed. Even after accepting the magical undo "feature", I
cannot fathom why an move is NOT undone if a change is made to the file. In
other words, in the situation above, file Y will NOT just not disappear from
B, it doesn't re-appear in A either. It's as if Windows is somehow keeping
track of the source/destination/move relationship of the file.

How can modifying a file in one folder make Windows not download a file in
another folder? After all, just because it's konceptually the same file,
Windows doesn't know that.


/ Peter Schuller, InfiDyne Technologies HB

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