[Samba] Dual Samba 3.0 and WINS

Alexander Motin mav at mavhome.dp.ua
Mon Jun 10 02:15:02 GMT 2002


I have network with fiew segments and fiew workgroups.
Most of computers runs Windows 9x, but router works under
I want to make possible cross subnet and cross workgroups
computer browsing.
I install two Samba 3.0 alpha17 on router.
They binds on different interfaces and belongs to different workdroups.
Both Sambas configured as Domain Master Borowsers and PDCs.
First Samba configured as WINS server.

When i run both Sambas, first Samba (where WINS running)
registers in in WINS as #00, #1b, #1c and #1e.
Second Samba registers only #00, #1c and #1e. But why???

When clients from other workgroups try to browse computers in workgroup
controlled by Second samba they try to find #1b but they can't.

When i try to configure second Samba with its own WINS - it
registers as #00, #1b, #1c and #1e, but i don't need second WINS.

Alexander Motin mav at mavhome.dp.ua

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