[Samba] account aliases?

Erick Calder e at arix.com
Sun Jun 9 20:10:03 GMT 2002

hello everyone,

I've looked through Google and this list's archives but have come up empty.
here's may question: I have an NT laptop where I log in as administrator, I
have a linux box with an account of my one (erick).  Everytime I try to
access the filesystem on the Linux box, NT sends credentials for
administrator which of course, is wrong.  when the challenge fail I'm
prompted for an account/password.  I would like to keep using my admin
account on NT but I don't want to create an "administrator" account on
Linux, or rename my "erick" account.  but I want it to automatically know
it's me.  so my question is: is there a way in which I can create an account
alias in Samba? i.e. a Samba account called "administrator" which maps to
the Linux account "erick"? or is there a better way to do this?

- e

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