[Samba] Win98 not doing name resolution.

Tim Bates batestim at iprimus.com.au
Sun Jun 9 18:46:02 GMT 2002

I recently reinstalled Linux on my fileserver (RedHat 7.2), which was 
running Samba (v 2.2.1a). Now, trying to reconfigure Samba back to its 
original state (silly me didn't keep a copy of the conf file) I've run into 
a problem. My win98 machines can't find the Samba server by name, but they 
can by number. By this I mean:

On a Linux desktop,

smbclient -L //marvin/

works as expected. No problems there. However on a win98 desktop,

ping marvin
nbtstat -A
net view \\

all work as expected, but

nbtstat -a marvin
net view
Network Neighborhood

fail or don't display the server, and

net view \\marvin

and typing \\marvin into Explorer don't work at first, but once I do a

net view \\

they do. This all seems very odd to me, my guess is that it has something 
to do with NetBIOS name resolution, but I'm not sure and I wouldn't know 
how to correct it anyway. Can someone give me a pointer as to what might be 
the problem?

                                 Tim Bates

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