[Samba] Roaming Profiles - delete profile when logging off

nehresma at css.tayloru.edu nehresma at css.tayloru.edu
Sun Jun 9 18:35:02 GMT 2002

> Does anybody know how to get rid of the cached
> local profiles when logging off? Since we use
> FAT32 every user has access to other local replicated
> profiles.

I was just looking into this the other day since we want to do the same
thing but with XP.  Basically, it is a group policy that you can manage
using the management console (mmc.exe?).  Add the "group policy" snap-in and
then look through the policies.  I don't remember where it was I saw it, but
I do remember seeing it in there somewhere.  I think you then just export
the policy settings to a .POL file which you stick out in your netlogon
share.  Microsoft has a knowledge base article about this, and it is called
something like managing group policies under an NT domain or something
similar to that.  Sorry I'm not more specific, all my notes on this are at
Nathan Ehresman

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