[Samba] Clean install of RedHat 7.3, including samba - unable to connect to port 139

Margaret Doll Margaret_Doll at Brown.edu
Sun Jun 9 14:14:02 GMT 2002

I did a clean install of Redhat 7.3 on a system.  The install 
included samba, samba-client, samba-common.  I moved the saved 
versions of smb.conf, smbusers and swbpasswd to /etc/samba.  Then I 
started up smb by issuing "/etc/init.d/smb start"   I have set smb to 
start upon reboot of the system.    I have rebooted the system 
several times.  smbd and nmbd start up, but clients cannot connect.

There are no unusual errors reported in the samba logs.  testparm of 
the configuration files reports no errors.

"smbclient -L host-having-problems"
adds the interfaces
Anonymous login successful
Domain=[Chemistry] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.2.3a]
tree connect failed:  NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD

If I do the same test from another RedHat samba server
"smbclient -L host-having-problems"
adds the interfaces
error connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:139 (Connection refused)
error connecting to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (Connection refused)

I took the moderate security option when I did the clean install of 
the system.  By the way the second server was upgraded to 7.3.  It 
has no problem being a samba server. 

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