[Samba] Samba as a client to windows2000/98 is slow.

Scott Yellig yelligsc at pilot.msu.edu
Sun Jun 9 09:30:50 GMT 2002

First heres a little background of what I have setup:

One Windows98 machine and Two windows 2000 machines and one linux redhat 6
machine behind a router thats connected to a cable modem. So the machines I
have are sitting on a netmask network.

I need to mount some of the windows shares on the linux machine. This
mounting works fine, and for smaller directory listings it SEEMS to function

--> Transfering a large list, or a file is VERY slow. It takes something
like 2 MINUTES to transfer ~500kBytes of data.
--> Ftping from the internet through the cable modem I get speeds closer to
about 150kBytes per SECOND.

Also, when doing any smb share activity the 'activity' light on the NIC does
not flash constantly, but only very briefly with much time between it.

I am running samba Version 2.0.3, and about to install 2.2.4 to see if it
fixes this problem at all.

Any idea you could throw at me would be great!

#include <stdio.h>
int x=328138036,i=4;main(){printf("%c",(((x>>(6*i)))&63)+64);if(i--)main();}

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