[Samba] One BUG that I have found

Anton warm at micran.ru
Sun Jun 9 03:15:02 GMT 2002


I use samba since samba-2.2.0 version. I also use different versions of cups.
I found that samba is trying to find cups libs and to link with them when I build the samba from
sources. Sambas befor and 2.2.3a did not find the cups libs correclty and all was fine :-).
Samba-2.2.4 excelent finds the cups and she talks that she links with him :-). After that
SWAT dos not work correctly, SWAT dos not allow root login to manage via SWAT and dos not allow
anything at all. When I remove cups includes and cups libs till I will have compiled and installed
samba, SWAT works after such manipulatins. And yesterday I have tried to compile samba-3.0.alpha17
and I found this bug again.

I don't know why dos this happens, but I think that ./configure redefines some http functions in some
header that SWAT uses. I am not a programmer and I can not fix this bug. I have no frind who uses
samba+cups like me, but I asked my friends who uses samba, they could not answer.

I have quastion fo You: Why samba needs to link with cups ??? I thought that samba prints using only
commands like lpr, lpq, lprm and other. Could You tell my why samba links with cups libs ? 

P.S. /Sorry for my bad English, my native language is ... not C++, but russian :-).
      It is the first my bug report in my life, Sorry if something wrong.
      I will wait for your answer, I hope to recive it soon.

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