[Samba] Samba questions on AIX server, with win2k clients

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      I have downloaded and compiled Samba 2.2.4.  The Samba server is used
to access DFS space, so it was configured with DCE authentication.  It
seems to work on for the most part.  However we have seen the following

   When opening a directory with a large number of files, it spawns
   additional smbd processes for the mapped share, which utilize a good
   percentage of the CPU.  My windows workstation hangs for a while, and I
   get multiple Windows Msgs that read: "An error occurred while
   reconnecting Z to <share> - Microsoft Windows Network: the local device
   name is already in use - This connection has not been restored".
   The smbd processes remain at the top of the execution queue (I use
   "monitor" to view system execution queue in AIX).
   I used Windows Explorer to map the share and to display directory
   contents.  This crashed when I closed the Window Msg.

      My environment is as follows:

AIX 4.3.3 at ML_09 for the Samba server, with DCE/DFS 3.1.
Windows 2000 as the samba client.

      I tried both, disk and memory cache for the DFS client, but behaviour
did not change.  Also, this seems to happen only on Windows 2K.

      Are there any configuration parameters I could use to prevent the
spawning of multiple smbd processes, and be able to see the large
directory? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                                         Jaime A Cifuentes

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