[Samba] RE: [SOLUTION]query_name_response error

Simoncini, Matthew Matthew.Simoncini at bsci.com
Fri Jun 7 04:27:02 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I don't make it a point to answer my own posts, but I thought this
information would be useful:

In researching the problem our client was having below, I found that there
were two NT servers on the same subnet as my Unix server running Samba. Both
these NT servers were "arguing" over who was the master browser for that
network segment. Once the NT SysAdmin corrected the problem and assigned one
of the servers as the master browser, the problem went away.

Hopefully this post will save someone else some time and effort.



>I've looked through multiple mailing list archives and cannot find an
>to this problem, but have found many others who are having the same
>I hope this list can help.

>I have a Solaris 2.7 server running Samba 2.0.5 with multiple interfaces:

>hme0:	public
>qfe0:	backup network
>qfe1:	private
>qfe3:	private

>I have Samba running so that our application folks can access there "home
>directories" by mapping the Unix directories from Windows clients.
>Everything works dandy and the users don't have any problems. My problem is
>my messages log fills up with the following messages:

>May 28 11:10:21 coleman nmbd[1077]:  query_name_response: Multiple (2)
>responses received for a query on subnet for name BSC<1d>. This
>response was from IP

>I understand that the message has something to do with the multiple
>interfaces on my Solaris box, but I'm really interested in getting this to
>stop. I know that I'm not running the latest version of Samba on this
>server, but I've seen the same error posted from people that are using
>2.2.2. Does anyone know how to either stop this message from appearing or
>how to fix the problem?

>Thanks in advance.


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