[Samba] Problems with Samba 2.2.x under FreeBSD with Win2k Clients

Matt Hook hookenz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 6 22:43:02 GMT 2002


Has anyone had the following problem.

Under Win2000 I copy a file from Windows Explorer
to a share running samba 2.2.x.  The file does not
yet exist on the share however windows pops up a
warning that the file already exists and it asks me
to replace it.  The thing is, the file has a size of 
0 bytes.  If I click "no" to not replace I end up with
an empty file, otherwise it copies ok.

Another problem I'm having occurs occasionally under
WinNT 4 (we have service pack 6a installed for the
record). It also happens every time under Win2000.
The problem is that under many of the MS applications
if you try to save a file directly to a share or edit
one and save it, your system will hang there.  Beneath
the scenes there are about 5000+ temorary files
created on the share where you saved the file.  This
only happens to a samba share.  I'm guessing it's
related to bugs in MS products and a bug or
configuration issue (that I've found nothing about) in
samba or at least the FreeBSD port.  Maybe it's
to the previous issue.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?
The weird thing is I've made it happen on 2 systems
but I haven't experienced this on a one other system
with the same setup.

I can send a detailed log if required  (it's a bit
large to post here at the moment.

Regards -Matt

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