[Samba] NetBIOS

Tom Ansley tansley at law.du.edu
Thu Jun 6 16:36:02 GMT 2002

How are you conducting your authentication?

I found that I couldn't "net use" from my Windows 98 machines but I could 
access the shares through network neighborhood.

Also, check your share and global configuration to make sure they are not read 



On Thursday 06 June 2002 05:15 pm, JJoh1460 at aol.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone please help with my little problem?  I am new to samba and have
> just set it up on my Linux server. The problem is that I can see my server
> name david on my windows 98 network neighbourhood but I cannot asses it. I
> have already created some shares but still cannot asses my server
> I can ping the server IP address and get a positive response, but when I
> ping the server name I get unknown host response (david.greek.net) and when
> I do a net view  \\david on my dos computer I get  Error 53: The computer
> name specified in the network path cannot be located……
> I think this is a NetBIOS problem, but do not know how to solve it.
> Please help

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