[Samba] samba through a firewall

Thierry TERRIER thierry.terrier at atolltech.fr
Thu Jun 6 08:44:02 GMT 2002

You have to open the following ports with associated protocols.
accept ... tcp destination port netbios-ssn
accept ... udp destination port netbios-ns
accept ... udp destination port netbios-dgm
Bastille firewall do that.
If you want to use smb or netbios broadcast names resolution (smblookup),
you must add
accept ... udp source port netbios-ns

Please forget telnet and use ssh in place.

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> Hi
> I have samba installed & running successfully on a Solaris 8 server.
> directory shares were working as expected until the machine was put on a
> DMZ, and now it's stopped working.  I can ping from my PC to the server,
> telnet, but samba seems to have no route through the firewall - possibly
> firewall needs to have different ports opened up to allow samba traffic
> through?  I need to know which port numbers smbd & nmbd use.
> Appreciate any ideas to help solve my problem.
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