[Samba] problem joining the domain

Michael Rasmussen rasmussenm at columbiafunds.com
Thu Jun 6 08:19:28 GMT 2002

We've encountered a problem with getting a newly installed Samba based
machine to join the domain.

Here's the command line and error response:

   [root at chain samba]# smbpasswd -j COLUMBIA -r cmc-bkup -U murphyn
   error creating domain user: NT_STATUS_INVALID_DOMAIN_ROLE
   Unable to join domain COLUMBIA.
   [root at chain samba]#

Installation is a RedHat 7.2 (from KRUD) box with freshly installed Samba
RPMs version 2.2.3a-6.  smb.conf was created by a cut and paste from a
working installation on another box on our network, changing the server name
and share paths as necessary.

murphyn is a domain admin for COLUMBIA, the PDC (cmc-bkup) and the BDC are
NT4 boxes.

As the Linux guy I don't know what this error message means.  The NT admins
are at a loss to explain the problem.


	I've used the same software version to add a box to our domain
	Essentially the same config is used on the working and non-working
boxes, so I'm puzzled about what configuration issue could be causing this.

Bottom Line Question:

  do you know what causes this error and how I can resolve this issue and
have the machine chain join the COLUMBIA domain?

  Where did I miss whatever it is in the documentation?

  Michael Rasmussen - Network Engineer, Columbia Management
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