[Samba] Script Error Log Request ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Thu Jun 6 07:58:02 GMT 2002

Greetings ...

	Something that really got me confused for a long day ... I used the add user 
option that was post onto one of the mail list, which lets a Computer Join 
the domain.  Now I used this in one setup and it work perfect.  Now a few 
months down the line ( last few days ), I tried the same scripts and the 
damed thing would not ( had me stumped ) ...

	Now I know that I had forgoten to create the machine group which we used and 
once fixed it was not a problem any more.

	What my request is, could we not return an error in the logs when the/any 
scripts fail, it would make life eaier to fix problems.  I don't know if 
turning up the log levels might have helps find this problem, but I  think 
that if something fails, it should be reported, but that is the dev's team 


P.S. Keep up the great work guys.

P.S.S.  As a responce to one of the dev teams state that he likes to hear 
that things are working ... well, there are alot of Samba things that are 
working excellently.  Thanks Team!! :-)

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