[Samba] Tuning Samba (speed access to directories with plenty of files)

Kestutis Saldziunas k.saldziunas at medbank.lt
Thu Jun 6 06:53:02 GMT 2002

Hello again, 

Yesterday we migrated from Netware 4.11 to Samba 2.2.4 (PDC, SuSE 7.2 2.4.4-4GB) server. And till now  I am very satisfied by Samba perfomance ! :)

At a the moment  are 66 users connected to the server and seems everything works smoothly. Now I try to get as much speed from Samba as is possible. We have two directories (with plenty of files) on the server : one for oracle binaries and another for oracle forms. These  directories are  used very intensive and comparing to Novell, speed of browsing oracle forms is  server (hardware more or less the same) obviously  slower (maybe 2,3 times from eye). 

Maybe somebody can share with experience tuning such situation ?

I discovered some trics like disabling browsing, seting read only on share, setting shares mode = no, but the speed of Novell is not reaches. Maybe it is concern of cash ? What will happen if I compile Samba with the -DUSE_MMAP?

Thanks in advance for answers.

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