[Samba] Setting ACLs from Win 98 Clients

James Jeffrey james at technophobia.co.uk
Thu Jun 6 03:52:07 GMT 2002


I have samba installed on an updated installation of Debian 2.2. Using 
kernel 2.4.18 with the ext2 ACL and EA patches. Samba is configured to 
support ACLs. Win2k clients can update the ACLs on the server.

I have installed the Windows NT4 Server tools for Windows 95 onto a couple 
of our Windows 98 clients. However, when we right click on an object, go to 
the security tag and click the permissions button, nothing happens.

Anyone have any ideas how I can  a) Find docs on this
				    b) Find an updated client OR
				    c) Fix the server?


James Jeffrey
System Administrator
TechnoPhobia Ltd

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