[Samba] Setting the timeout of smbmount

David mpe501 at chello.se
Wed Jun 5 13:53:03 GMT 2002

How do i set how long smbmount should attempt to connect a share before 
timing out?
I have a couple of shares set for automatic mounting (in fstab). Problem 
is: if i move my computer to another network, were these shares aren't 
available, my init scripts are delayed for several minuits while 
smbmount (ordered by the "mount -a" command in the init scripts) 
attempts to connect the shares and fails.

Another related question is if it is possible to get smbmount to mount 
several shares concurrently. If several of the shares in fstab aren't 
available and you do a "mount -a" it stall for for a multipile of the 
timeout time for one share (where the multipile is the number of 
unavailable shares), since it tries each share in order. If mount -a 
would try to mount all of them at the same time it would only stall for 
1x  the timeout time.


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