[Samba] Open a W2000 Session in a domain

Sam Barasch barasch at biostat.wisc.edu
Wed Jun 5 08:50:02 GMT 2002


It sounds like there is a disconnection between the listing in the unix 
passwd file for the w2000 computer and the listing in the smbpasswd file 
for the w2000 computer.

Try deleting the listing for the computer in the smbpasswd file and 
re-adding it with the command

#  smbpasswd -am <machinename>$

Good luck,

At 03:28 PM 6/5/2002 +0200, Joyce LAMBERT wrote:
>I am working on a Red Hat 7.1 with a samba 2.2.4 server.
>All is good i can configure my W2000 computer for the domain, but when he 
>restart enable to join the domain always the same message
>"le compte systeme de l'ordinateur dans son domain principal est manquant"
>Yes I'm french
>So in english it's somthing like this "your computer is unkown by the 
>primary domain" but i have done an account for the pc with is name and 
>with a $ like i have show on the doc.
>Please I need some help

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