[Samba] domain or not domain

Phil Chambers P.A.Chambers at exeter.ac.uk
Wed Jun 5 08:07:02 GMT 2002

I can't thing of how to look for this problem in the archive!

I have a Redhat7.2 server running the 2.2.4 rbl version of SAMBA.  This system is 
joined into our CLUSTERS domain and has just a read-only share on it.  The PDC is a 
2.2.3a SAMBA on an IRIX system.

If I take a WinXP system which is just a member of the CLUSTERS workgroup and not 
joined into the domain, login to that with a suitable username and password, I can 
then browse to the server and see the contents of the read-only share.

If I take a WinXP system, which is joined into the CLUSTERS domain, I can login with 
the same username as above.  I can browse to the server and see the folder for the 
read-only share but, if I try to open the share, I get a username/password prompt!

Giving the same username and password for the login user just gives the prompt 
again.  However, if I give a different username and corresponding password, I can 
open the share!

The log-file on the server says:
.. smb/reply.c:reply_sesssetup_and_X(1036)
 No such user <username-snipped> [CLUSTERS] - using guest account

In the log on the PCD I can't see any indication that it rejected the username, 
though it is difficult to see the wood for the trees there!

Phil Chambers (postmaster at exeter.ac.uk)
University of Exeter

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