[Samba] 2K/ME/XP Connectivity more info

Shane Bearham shane at xtremetech.com.au
Wed Jun 5 00:39:03 GMT 2002

Further to this I was able finally test with Win98se with the same results
though watching the clock this time shows that there was no timeout errors
not at least within a 10minute period!!!

Since the site has decided against using XP I decide to roll-back to
2.2.0a which is the default for Slackware 8.0

Now all PC's can access the server again.... was problems

As a side note this isn't the first time I've installed from sources
the last was a update from 2.2.0a to 2.2.3a to resolv the
printer driver install bug that existed with Win2k(I think)

To date I've had no major problems since kernel 1.2.8!!!

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