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WEBSTER, Greg GWEBSTER at ahbl.ca
Tue Jun 4 15:15:02 GMT 2002

This may be an impossible question, and I don't mean to be a mean
taskmaster, but what kind of timeframe are we looking at for a 3.x release?
Our office is a mongrelmix of Linux, W2k, and NT and while we are definitely
not going to go to an XP environment, we would like to increase linux usage
on the backend. Some of the connectivity to W2k that you talk about here
would go a long way to that.



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> I understand it goes like this:
> Samba 2.2 supports being trusted by NT.  Its a bit odd, and 
> mainly works
> due to the fact that domain logons and interdomain logons are almost
> exactly the same.  Not 'supported', and only works for NT domains with
> just a PDC.
> Samba HEAD has support for both being trusted by NT and 
> trusting NT.  We
> don't support doing anything with Win2k ATM.  Trusting NT is still a
> work in progress, but we have shown the basic concepts.
> Samba TNG claims support for being trusted, but I've not tested it
> myself.  You will need current CVS - TNG was able to pick up some of
> HEAD's work in this area to get around some nasty bugs.  Samba-TNG
> trusting NT domains is a bit dodgy, becouse you need to setup the
> 'username map' manually.
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