[Samba] Win2k Printer Woes Continue

JUSTIN GERRY JGERRY at butchers.com
Tue Jun 4 08:17:18 GMT 2002

I find the server using Win2k search function, find the server
\\, click on the "printers" folder and try to connect with a
printer. I can open up the printer queue dialog box and view it, but
when I try to go to properties it won't let me get to them to even add a
driver, it gives me "Printer Properties can not be displayed, operation
can not be completed". I think my Win2k machine is trying figure out
what _smbserver is.

The Win2k computer I am using to search/browse/connect with is on
another subnet. I realized that this computer on the other subnet is
seeing _smbserver instead of the proper ip address ( or
NETBIOS name after the printer name (HPLASERJET on _smbserver). Would
this be another bug? Is something that happens by design? NETBIOS

I tried with a computer on the same subnet and I do see the the name
listed as SAMBA, therefore I see (HPLASERJET on SAMBA).


>>> Gerald Carter <jerry at samba.org> 06/03 5:36 PM >>>
On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, JUSTIN GERRY wrote:

> I installed the printer patch on 2.2.4 on my Linux 7.3 box,
> it (I think I did things in the correct order:configure,make
> realclean,run patch,configure,make,sh.makerpms.sh), created a new
> uninstalled the old samba, reinstalled the new rpm, fixed the conf
> files, reloaded samba and now my printers appear as "HPLASERJET on
> _smbserver". HPLASERJET is queue name which is fine, but why is the
> server called _smbserver instead of either the Netbios name (samba)
> the ip address (

How are you connecting to the Samba box?  Are you storing the drivers
the server?  *SMBSERVER is the netbios name when connecting to an SMB 
server using an IP address. (the * is converted to an _ internally in 

cheers, jerry
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