[Samba] Share using %U -> File already opened

Per Kjetil Grotnes perkjetil.grotnes at pbe.oslo.kommune.no
Tue Jun 4 06:05:03 GMT 2002

"H-disk" share is " /home/%U/disk"

User1  H: ---------> /home/user1/disk (h-disk)
User2  H: ----------> /home/user2/disk  (h-disk)

When User1 opens a file "H:Øfoo.doc" and then User2 opens a file on this share 
with the _same_ name ("H:Øfoo.doc") we get from Word (office programs?): 

"Foo.doc already opened by another user".  

When user1 closes his/her "foo.doc" on the home-share user2 is able to open the 

This is on Windows 2000 Terminal Services SP2 with Citrix Metaframe 1.8 (dont 
diss this because it is Terminal Services please!) using office 2000.

On NT 4.0 TS w/metaframe 1.8 everything is okay.
With "foo.txt" and notepad.exe on W2K it works nicely.  

When using process explorer in windows 2000 i see the PID which have the file 
opned has a 'handle' like this: 

Anyone got a clue to how to let Windows 2000 (office?) know that those 
home-shares are two diffrent shares with diffrent files?

As a last resort we can fix it with:

making a share "h-disk ---> /home"

Put in logonscript: net use H: ØØserver_nameØh-diskØ%username%Ødisk

We really do not like this as it will put the "root home disk" open for browsing (yes I 
know about browsable=no).

So - anyone out there please please help us with a solution for this.  Any shot at it 
at all would be appriciated.

Per Kjetil Grotnes
IT-Seksjonen, Plan- og bygningsetaten, Oslo Kommune
Tlf: 22 66 26 61, Fax: 22 66 26 65

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