[Samba] File truncation/copying problems

a.heinlein at systemtechnik-schreurs.de a.heinlein at systemtechnik-schreurs.de
Tue Jun 4 02:48:24 GMT 2002


we have been experiencing some weird problems using Samba on one of our 
servers. The problem is:
- When copying files with Windows Explorer from a local drive to a samba share, 
Explorer will ask to replace a file by the same name with 0 bytes length. These files 
are actually created on the server at the time of copying. If answered with yes, files 
are copied correctly. When copying multiple files, this happens only for the first file.
- With other programs storing data on a samba share, namely Pegasus Mail, newly 
created or modified files are truncated, only the first few KB are written.

Clients are Win 95/98. Server is running Debian Linux 2.2 with Linux 2.4.18 (tested 
with own custom kernel and kernel 2.4.18-k7 from debian woody) using Samba 
2.2.3a (custom compiled) or 2.2.4 (debian package from debian woody), files reside 
on XFS or reiserfs. Default configuration from the Debian package was used, as well 
as configurations with/without oplocks/encrpyted passwords. Nothing of the above 
combinations changed anything. Log files showed password authentication errors 
(with encrypted passwords off, this is known behavior, AFAIK) and lots of messages 
"Invalid pointer x given to dptr_close".

What actually helped was moving back to Samba 2.0.8. The same configuration 
(kernel, software etc.) is in use on two other servers with slightly different hardware, 
without problems. We have already exchanged motherboard, memory and NIC of the 
server in question, without any obvious effects.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
A. Heinlein

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