[Samba] Inherited permissions problem

Konkol, Josh JKonkol at guidemail.com
Mon Jun 3 09:51:06 GMT 2002


I think you want force create mode:

force create mode (S)
This parameter specifies a set of UNIX mode bit permissions that will always
be set on a file created by Samba. This is done by bitwise 'OR'ing these
bits onto the mode bits of a file that is being created or having its
permissions changed. The default for this parameter is (in octal) 000. The
modes in this parameter are bitwise 'OR'ed onto the file mode after the mask
set in the create mask parameter is applied.

See also the parameter create mask for details on masking mode bits on

See also the inherit permissions parameter.

Default: force create mode = 000

Example: force create mode = 0755

would force all created files to have read and execute permissions set for
'group' and 'other' as well as the read/write/execute bits set for the



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I am attempting to set up an inherited permissions share and cannot get it
to work.

    path = /log
    writeable = yes
    directory mask = 0755
    create mask = 0755
    inherit permissions = yes
    guest ok = no
    public = yes

I have tried many different combinations of settings to no avail, such as
removing the create and directory masks.  I may also be misunderstanding the
function.  From what I have read, if there is a folder within this share
with permissions of 0777, all files created within that folder should be
0777 as well.  There is one folder within a share that I want files created
to be 0777, and I figured this was the best way to do this.  Please feel
free to correct me if I am mistaken.  I am running samba version 2.2.3a.

Ryan J Betz

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