[Samba] Samba as a PDC in a citrix environment

samba at rvt.dds.nl samba at rvt.dds.nl
Mon Jun 3 01:29:02 GMT 2002

Hi all,

this is a long time since my last post to this list and I have got a small 
question... (ofcource :)

I'm going to introduce citrix into our office (two citrix XPa servers which are 
load balanced). According to the Citrix XPa docs it is not a good idea to use 
one of this servers as a PDC/BDC, I can imagine that (we wouldn`t want to give 
NT to much responsebilities).

so my question is.... can I use Samba (2.2.4 prefered) as PDC for my citrix 
servers and if so should I use LDAP to accomplisch this??

Ries van Twisk

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