[Samba] Config File

Doug Jolley doug at footech.com
Sun Jun 2 11:46:02 GMT 2002

I'm trying to understand what role the config file plays WRT
smbclient and smbmount.  smbclient supports a -s option to
specify an alternative config file and seems to need one; but,
I'm not sure what it uses it for.

smbmount doesn't seem to support the -s option; but, does complain
if a config file isn't supplied in the default location.  Is there
a way to specify an alternative config file for smbmount and what
does it need the config file for anyway?

In addition to just wanting to understand this, I'm really trying
to understand how encrypted vs. non-encrypted passwords work.  I'm
not talking about Windows.  I'm talking Linux for both the server
and the client.  In such a situation what determines whether 
encrypted passwords are used?  I would think that would be one
use for the config file (i.e. to specify whether encrypted passwords
are used); but, I just tried changing my client config file to
specify encryption while my server config file specified no
encryption and I was still able to gain access using smbclient.
Obviously I'm confused!  Thanks for any input.

     ... doug
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