[Samba] samba-ldap pdc howto problem

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Sat Jun 1 20:54:02 GMT 2002


I was referring to the "SAMBA-LDAP PDC HowTo" at samba.idealx.org. Is there
something better I should be using for this project?

I want five client offices to upgrade from Windows NT 4 servers, each setup as
an independent PDC now, to upgrade to Samba on Linux in each office and have a
single location to control all accounts in the entire system. The recommendation
I received from questions on this list in the past was to use the latest stable
Samba with LDAP authentication, and to set one system as the LDAP master.

I'm not so hard up for work that I really enjoy driving 50 miles to add a single
user account to a remote office. We've also grown past our licensed number of
users, and I don't want to ship a bunch more cash off to Bill for six Win2K


Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> "G. Armour Van Horn" wrote:
> >
> > As to what I was trying to do with those lines in the configure section, I
> > honestly have no idea. Those last five lines are added according to the
> > instructions I'm following in the SAMBA-LDAP HowTo.
> Can you give me a reference to where you found this 'HowTo'?  There is a
> lot of samba 'conventional wisdom' and most if it is pure crap.
> The only option you need to add is --with-ldapsam.  --with-profile
> doesn't exist any more, and never had anything to do with roaming
> profiles (its profileing, as it timing how long samba spends doing
> stuff)
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