[Samba] Win98 can't login to NT

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at northnetworks.ca
Wed Jul 31 22:20:03 GMT 2002

Hi there,

I have finally talked a corporation into allowing me to introduce Unix.  I
have used samba before, but I now have a problem.

Some (and only some) of the windows 98 clients can no longer log into the NT
domain controller.  They get the same message as if the passwd/username was

Here is a snip from my config file:

os level=00
password server=nt_box
domain master=no
local master=no

Now, I would assume that the setup above would do everything to ensure that
the clients look toward the NT box no matter what, because the 00 would
ensure that the samba server would never become the browser master.

If I set the option 'domain logons=no', would this help any?

Please help.  As soon as I kill SMBD, the clients then again authenticate to

Steve Bertrand

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