[Samba] Review for dummies

John Benedetto jbenedet at unm.edu
Wed Jul 31 15:53:02 GMT 2002

Well, do you need any of the benefits of a server?  Server-stored Profiles, 
logon batch files (some people use dynamically generated ones, some use 
rather statis complicated batch files, some use Kixtart, or combinations of 
the above). Networked server-controlled printers? Do you want shared file 
space (mapped server drives on the clients)?

For a lab, I would almost suggest some soft of ghosting or cloning 
software, combined with some sort of security program or hardware, which 
makes any changes go away at reboot.  Centurion Guard has both software & a 
hardware solution to do this, as well as various software solutions - 
DeepFreeze, CleanSlate, and others.

Printers can be setup with the TCP/IP printer wizard, so the W2K stations 
can print directly to them, if you don't use a server.

Winbind is if you have a current Windows server you want to authenticate 
against.  That sounds like it is out for you.

LDAP will work if you already have your own LDAP server setup.  (We don't 
so I don't know anything about how you go about using LDAP).

Again, do you have a clear picture of what you want out of these stations & 
this lab?

- john

--On Wednesday, July 31, 2002 5:05 PM -0400 mlb 
<mbruntel_nospam at comcast.net> wrote:

> Ok.  Not newbie, but feel like one.
> Here's my question.
> I am setting up a computer lab with series of W2k Pro workstations.
> What is the best way to administer these with a Samba PDC?
> I have NO NT servers, and really dont want one.
> My main goals are:
> a) easy administration
> b) security so they cant crack
> c) most reliable.
> Can you tell me if winbind is what is needed?
> Or would the best thing be an ldap user database?
> Initially about 50 users, not sure of high number of users.
> expect about 25 pc's initially.
> Mitch

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