[Samba] Re: [sqwebmail] vpopmail+mysql and sqwebmail authentication problems]

David Morel david.morel at amakuru.net
Wed Jul 31 13:35:02 GMT 2002

Dave Hall wrote:
 > THanks for the ideas.  I haven't heard from anyone else yet, and hope 
 > someone on this list has done this before.  I have tried multiple options
 > without any luck, and have a tough time understanding what else to 
try based
 > on the provided INSTALL documentation.
 > Thanks
 > Dave
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 >>>Dave Hall wrote:
 >>>>I am having a touch time understanding the directions on exactly what
 >>>>i need to do to the ./configure to support the vpopmail
 >>>>authentication module to be loaded for supporting mysql database user
 >>>>authentication.  Do i need to have Courier Imap installed, or will
 >>>>just POP3 work?
 >>Sorry , but the past configs are for vpopmail auth. only.
 >>I don't know how how tyo get mysql working in fact there are other
 >>people in this mailing list that is having exaclty your same problems
 >>and they (until now) have no solution, or if they have one, they have
 >>not published it.

tar xzvf vpopmail*
cd vpopmail_folder
groupadd -g 89 vchkpw
useradd -g vchkpw -u 89 -d /var/vpopmail vpopmail

mkdir /var/vpopmail

create vpopmail database and vpopmail user in Mysql (update, delete,
create, alter, drop, index..)

adjust the vpomail sql cofig file:
vi vmysql.h

provided Mysql is installed in /usr/local/mysql:

./configure --enable-mysql=y
--enable-libdir=/usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql/ --enable-clear-passwd=n
--enable-many-domains=y --enable-valias=y --enable-roaming-users=n

make install-strip

to use qmail's pop deamon, create a startup script ( or in some
env - PATH="/var/qmail/bin" /usr/bin/tcpserver -H -R 0 pop-3
/var/qmail/bin/qmail-popup your_mail_domain_here
/var/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw /var/qmail/bin/qmail-pop3d Maildir &

if ! [ -f "/var/vpopmail/etc/inc_deps" ]; then echo
"-I/var/vpopmail/include/" > /var/vpopmail/etc/inc_deps; fi
if ! [ -f "/var/vpopmail/etc/lib_deps" ]; then echo "-L/var/vpopmail/lib
-lvpopmail -L/usr/local/mysql/lib \
	-lmysqlclient -lz" > /var/vpopmail/etc/lib_deps; fi

cd ..
tar xzvf sqwebmail*
cd sqwebmail_dir

adjust to your apache setup:

./configure --disable-changepass --enable-autopurge=7
--with-defaultlang=en --enable-cgibindir=/var/www/cgi-bin
--enable-mimetypes=/usr/local/apache/conf/mime.types --enable-lang=en
--with-trashquota --without-authpam --without-authuserdb
--without-authpwd --without-authshadow --without-authdaemon

su (or can't find vpopmail's libs, chmod 0600)
umask 022
make install-strip

insert in something like rc.local:

/usr/local/share/sqwebmail/libexec/authlib/authdaemond start

in /etc/crontab, add :

0 *  * * *              su -c "/usr/local/share/sqwebmail/cleancache.pl" bin

modify sqwebmail conf in /usr/local/share/sqwebmail

you're set.

David Morel

PS: this is based on a kind of howto i wrote a few weeks ago as a
reminder. Might be slightly inaccurate, but only slightly.
Good Luck

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