[Samba] Please Help. Samba as PDC and printing

Larry Engleman larry at burgiss.com
Wed Jul 31 11:57:03 GMT 2002

I don't know if this is the accepted practice, but the way I "fixed" the 
problem with the PCL 5e drivers was

1) sit down and test
2) cry
3) install the PCL version of the drivers (notice the lack of the '5e')

PCL 6 also worked, albeit much slower, but PCL 5e dies every time.

 -Larry Engleman
 The Burgiss Group

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Gerald Carter wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Adrian Ciocildau wrote:
> > I've created the [print$] share all the directories in this share like
> >  W32ALPHA, W32MIPS, W32PPS, W32X86, WIN40.
> > When I try to install a driver from a WIN NT4.0 machine the driver files
> > coppied succesfull and after this i get a message like:
> >
> > "Unable to change to the specified driver, original settings will be
> > restored."
> What driver?  If you are using 2.2.5 have you applied the patch from
> http://download.samba.org/samba/ftp/patches/jerry/post-2.2.5/

Same for me. 2.2.5 with patches above. Driver is HP 6P PCL 5e for NT4:
lj373en.exe from the HP web site


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