[Samba] Help 2.2.5 causing me to run out of filedescriptors

Jon Gerdes GERDESJ at whl.co.uk
Wed Jul 31 09:33:02 GMT 2002


It really depends on your number of users etc etc etc etc.  For example I am seeing:

[root at voyager /root]# cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr
18608   12253   30000

Now this box does quite a few things as well as Samba and I regularly see >600 processes in total.  I would suggest that you should set file-max to something daft like 30000 and then keep an eye on the numbers in file-nr

(from  /usr/src/linux/Documentation/sysctl/fs.txt)
file-max & file-nr:

The kernel allocates file handles dynamically, but as yet it
doesn't free them again.

The value in file-max denotes the maximum number of file-
handles that the Linux kernel will allocate. When you get lots
of error messages about running out of file handles, you might
want to increase this limit.

The three values in file-nr denote the number of allocated
file handles, the number of used file handles and the maximum
number of file handles. When the allocated file handles come
close to the maximum, but the number of actually used ones is
far behind, you've encountered a peak in your usage of file
handles and you don't need to increase the maximum.


Could you give us an idea of usage eg "smbstatus -b | nl" at various times during the day will give you an idea of the number of connections.  A look at "lsof" may be handy.

There are several limiters that can be put in smb.conf:

max smbd processes
max open files  

I am not an expert but I would suggest that you probably just need to up the limit.  Samba has come a long way since 2.0.x and probably does need a few extra files ...

Incidently a smart new kernel probably wouldn't go amiss, I seem to be getting much better performance with samba 2.2.5 and kernel 2.4.18 than previous combinations although I can't point to benchmark results.

Jon Gerdes

>>> "drenning, bruce" <bdrenni at catholicrelief.org> 31/07/2002 17:05:17 >>>
I've been running Samba & Squid on a RH linux server for years. I'm
currently running:

kernel - 2.4.9-31
squid - 2.4STABLE-6
/home - 100 GB Reiserfs partition

I just upgraded samba from 2.0.10 to 2.2.5 this morning. Now, the server is
running out of filedescriptors. I have never had this problem before. What
is 2.2.5 doing differently? How can I resolve this problem? Please help,
this is causing big problems.

currently cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max returns 8192. Should I bump this up or
would this be treating a sympton instead of the root cause?

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