[Samba] access denied errors after reboot

amoote at ivhs.com amoote at ivhs.com
Wed Jul 31 08:48:03 GMT 2002

I had a system go down due to a storm that came through.  It was on a UPS,
but the outage was extreme.  Anyhow...it ended up crashing and I had to run
some e2fscks on it.  Yesterday everything seemed fine fine fine.  Today the
users cannot read/write the files and the logon script doesn't run.  It's
being reported that they don't have access to the share. (eventhough they
can see it)

I tried running the logon script .bat file manually and it gives the same

Any idea what the hell is going on?  They run a RH 7.3, Samba 2.2.5 box.
Everything was fine until this morning.

"Thanks" in advance group.

Alan B. Moote

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